We help pain-plagued people feel better.

You Can Thrive at Any Age

We help your body be its most active, strong and vibrant—regardless of age, injury or medical condition

burke Therapy and Wellness provides targeted physical therapy and health coaching programs for adults seeking more mobility, strength and pain-free living


You Will Feel Better

You deserve to feel your best regardless of age, illness or injury. Don’t be held back from the physical challenges that keep you from enjoying a better life. Whether you want to reclaim your ability to do the things you used to, recover faster from an injury or illness, or you want to have a more active lifestyle, improvement is definitely within reach.

With the right guidance, you can recover faster, improve stamina, have greater range of motion, and above all—achieve freedom from pain. When you haven’t been able to achieve the results you want in the time frame you expect, it can be frustrating and leave you resigned and feeling limited.

We believe it should be easier to feel better.

We want you to live without chronic pain. To have more mobility, strength and vitality. To feel full of energy and TO THRIVE. We can help you get there, but you have to take action.

Take the first step by talking with Evan Burke and get a solution that works for you.


Take Back What You’ve Lost

At Burke Therapy and Wellness, we focus on getting your body back to its best performance possible. We have helped hundreds of patients recover from serious injury, reduce or eliminate chronic pain and even avoid unnecessary surgery.

Evan Burke, Founder of Burke Therapy and Wellness, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Health Coach

Evan Burke, Founder of Burke Therapy and Wellness, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Health Coach


It’s important to us that you recover what you’ve lost. That you retain strength and maximum range of motion so you can do the things you want to do. That you reduce or eliminate pain—not just manage it.

And we do it all without drugs or regimens that are too difficult for our patients.

Our approach of custom physical therapy and wellness programs blend well with your lifestyle and make recovery and rejuvenation of your body’s abilities easy.


The Pathway to Thriving

At Burke Therapy and Wellness, your optimal thriving is our goal—but at your comfort level. We have designed our programs to ease you back into wellness, mobility and pain-free living. We have two core focuses that bring together total physical wellness: physical therapy and health coaching.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy will help your body recover from pain, injury or poor mobility. We perform a physical assessment and the take time to understand your medical history and current medical team’s treatment plan. We work with you to improve mobility and strength through an easy-to-practice exercise and therapy program.

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Health Coaching

After you progress toward better physical ability and less pain, we coach you on behavioral habits that help you sustain your thriving so you can achieve a level of success that lasts. This includes a wholistic view of your lifestyle and a plan for continued physical improvement and strength for a lifetime of thriving.


Every Successful Journey Begins with a Doable Plan

At Burke Therapy and Wellness, we work with you to create a plan that gets you to your goals faster and with greater ease and comfort. The process is easy:


Step 1: We’ll Meet and List Your Goals

Physical Assessment

Step 2: We’ll Complete a Physical Assessment


Step 3: We Create a Doable Plan that Gets Results

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to feel better!


Don’t Give Up, Help is Here

Many of our patients have spent months, if not years, trying to reclaim their mobility, range of motion or recover from injury or surgery. During the process, they’ve suffered from chronic pain and taken a myriad of medications only to attain moderate comfort if any relief at all.

They can be suffering from obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, be pre-diabetic, have low back pain, sciatica or any variety of physical ailment—they come to Burke for a better solution. Something that will help them reclaim their strength, agility and stamina—and above all, pain-free living.

Our unique approach works with your total care program to enhance your well being and bring out what your body can do naturally. Often, with simple behavioral adjustments, you can begin to recover what was lost and feel great again.

The way we work can easily complement to your current care plan. Contact us and let’s get you on a the road to feeling better.